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Book That Place are unique in the sense we can offer tools to help promote all areas of your business, not just rooms

Our new app allows our hotels to market availability in a whole host of other areas; F&B, leisure, conference, events, hair, beauty and spa etc

How can Book That Place help you?

Helping you achieve a high occupancy without comprising your ADR.

Our in-house marketing team have over 30 years hotel marketing experience and work hard to generate brand awareness for your property. Campaigns are run across Google, Facebook, Instagram and more in order to promote your property and generate bookings during low periods.

In addition to this our fantastic app enables you to push live availability to your customers to fill your restaurant, spa, meeting rooms and more.

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  • Cutting-edge app
  • Push live availability
  • Get bookings at a lower commission
  • Supercharged marketing support
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  • We are delighted to be working with Book That Place to help drive bookings at a rate that makes sense to us
    Fairmont St Andrews